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A short history of Leather.

A short history of Leather.

Historical evidence shows that tanning is one of the oldest professions on this earth, and its origins can be traced back to stone-age man.

Leather making advanced over the ages, with more modern refinement of chemicals slowly improving the quality of the leather produced by the early tanners.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that more dramatic changes were introduced. In the mid 1850’s, Frederick Knapp presented his ideas on tanning with chromium sulfate. Chromium sulfate with its higher hydrothermal stability soon became a favorite of leather makers across the globe and is today the most popular product used in the tanning process.

Today, the advances in organic chemistry utilized in the chemical industry has seen much more rapid advances in the technology used in the leather making process, leading to much more advanced leather products.

In today’s market there are hundreds of different finishes that can be applied to the leather to give it the desired look and feel from plain solid coloured leather to patterned distressed leather and also our newest range the Vintage leather which has a cracked effect to recreate the very old look.

Here at Chesterfields Direct we offer a large selection of finishes and colours and if you get chance why not visit our showroom for something a little different.

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