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How do I look after my Chesterfield sofas?

A frequently asked question is how do I look after my Chesterfield.

Here at Chesterfields Direct we take great pride in the leather chesterfield furniture we manufacture.

Our furniture is hand made here in Lancashire by time served craftsmen and we expect it to last for generations and mature with age.

In order for the Chesterfield to retain its unique identity and character it needs careful cleaning and maintenance.

By following the simple tips set out below this will help to keep your furniture looking luxurious.

Always check with us the products suitable for your furniture as the different leather finishes need different products.
Never use wet wipes to clean your furniture - always use leather wipes or a damp cloth.
Clean the leather at least three times a year to keep it in pristine condition.
All leathers react differently to cleaning, so keep a careful eye on any colour change as you clean.
Check there is no colour transfer from the cloth you are using.
Most products for cleaning are concentrated so always dilute as instructed.
Only use chemicals recommended by us and using other products may invalidate any guarantees.
Always be gentle when cleaning as excessive rubbing can do more harm than good. 

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