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Leather Sofa Care Kit

£ 35.00
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Leather Sofa Care Kit


This kit contains products for the regular care and treatment of aniline and pigmented leather (not suede/nubuck). Soft Cleaner for Leather is a gentle but effective cleaning liquid. Leather Protection Cream is a water-based protector for all grain leather types including anilines, semi-anilines, pigmented and corrected and Protected leathers. The unique formulation provides a truly remarkable performance, by placing an invisible barrier on the surface of the leather, protecting it against water and oil based stains. It will also make the cleaning of everyday soiling easier, as well as dramatically reduce the problems caused by grease and perspiration through direct skin contact. Kit contains 2 x250ml bottles plus sponge and cloth.

Help & Advice

Please check with us before using any product on your leather furniture to ensure suitability. Using chemicals and products on our Superior Old English leather can alter the appearance.

In the event of an accident please contact us and we will try and advise how best to help, or we will refer you to a recommended specialist.