The Chesterfield design dates back hundreds of years with its iconic rolled arms and deep buttoned upholstery design. From humble beginnings right up until the present day, it has long been a design classic synonymous with luxury.  

Many historical reports claim the real origins of the Chesterfield sofa date back to the 1800s and the Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Phillip Stanhope. It is doubted that the Earl actually invented the Chesterfield himself, albeit it originates from around the time that he lived.

In the earlier years it was only obtainable for the upper classes and would grace many Victorian homes, exclusive establishments and country mansions alike.

During these times the original Chesterfield was manufactured without the modern-day materials that are now available and would have been hand stuffed with horsehair and finished by hand meticulously with hammer and tacks.

As the Chesterfield grew in popularity it began to be within reach of the everyday man and was exported worldwide, while still keeping its roots firmly here in England.

The Modern-Day Chesterfield

Today the Chesterfield is generally used to describe a sofa where the arms and backs are finished at a similar height and the main body of the sofas are deep buttoned. The Chesterfield has certainly evolved over the years. It's design, materials and colour options have changed and now Chesterfields are manufactured not only in the traditional antique leathers but can be seen in every colour under the rainbow, including metallic leathers and fine upholstery materials.

Chesterfield Sofas & Traditional Manufacturing

Here at Chesterfields Direct it is our passion to keep alive the traditional manufacturing methods used to create our beautiful luxurious Chesterfield sofas, from our classic Cambridge Chesterfield design to the more rounded slightly higher back Chesterfield design found in our Windsor range. Our entire furniture range can be viewed on our website.

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