Leather Sofa Care

Leather is a natural product with its own unique characteristics, style, comfort and durability. The leather industry is one of the oldest known to man and its methods have changed little over the years. Upholstering leather furniture is still the work of craftsmen. Every piece is hand finished to ensure that your upholstery is individual in every way.

During its life, leather will have been subjected to many environments and will always bear natural marks and blemishes as a result of how and where the animal lived. These blemishes may appear as scars, growth lines, bush marks, creases or bites. In addition, each individual hide may exhibit surface grain variation, which in turn may result in areas of your upholstery differing in grain appearance. These natural features are the hallmark of an authentic leather product and in no way detract from or weaken its wearing qualities. Leather upholstery can be permanently stained by continuous contact with non-colourfast clothing.

As a result of more advanced tanning and finishing processes, leather can be made softer and more supple, a quality maintained throughout the life of the furniture. Cushions and arms are normally softer than the rest of the sofa or chair, so wrinkles and creases will form in these areas during use. This is normal and should not cause concern.

Chesterfields Direct offer the following specialist leather sofa care products to help keep your leather in tip top condition.